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How do I receive Great British Pound GBP?

To receive GBP, you need to share your GBP account details with the sender, depending on where the payment is originating from.

If payment originates from within the UK

Share your named GBP Account SortCode and Account number with the sender. You will receive the money within 2 hours, but usually within minutes. You will receive the full amount. You can however receive a max of £250,000 in a single transaction.

If payment originates outside the UK

Share your SWIFT account details with the sender. There is no limit on the amount you can receive. The time it will take for the money to reach you is dependent on the sending and intermediary banks. You will receive the full amount if the person/company sending the SWIFT Transfer has chosen a SWIFT (OURS) transaction. You will receive a reduced amount if the sender has chosen SWIFT(SHA) when initiating the SWIFT transfer from their bank, as intermediary banks deduct fees.

You can access this from the Dashboard → View Accounts → GBP → My GBP Account Details